Hoyer’s Service Merits a Salute

West Virginians owe Maj. Gen. James Hoyer a crisp, heartfelt salute for his leadership of the state National Guard.

On Monday, it was announced Hoyer is retiring as state adjutant general. He will step into a senior associate vice president’s role at West Virginia University.

Hoyer has led the National Guard at an extremely trying time. First, the Guard was tasked with taking over and reforming relief efforts for victims of devastating floods in 2016. Then, earlier this year, Hoyer’s troops became critical in saving lives during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Through it all, Hoyer’s performance has been superb.

Fortunately, he plans to continue serving the state through more work in battling the epidemic, and in projects such as the planned Hyperloop high-tech initiative.

Good. Mountain State residents need skill and dedication such as Hoyer’s. So, general, we salute you — but you are not dismissed.


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