Ensure First Regional COVID Clinic a Success

For the past month, we’ve been urging state and local public health officials to do the right thing with the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccinate the elderly — those residents 65 and older — first. That is the group most vulnerable to the coronavirus, and it makes sense to protect them before moving on to groups that are less susceptible to the virus.

That’s been happening over the past several weeks, with thousands of senior citizens in our region getting their first dose. However, the logistics of handling daily vaccination clinics on a county-by-county basis have become onerous.

On Friday, health departments in Ohio, Marshall and Wetzel counties will join forces for a regional vaccination effort, where 400 doses will be administered. The clinic will be held at the Fairgrounds in Moundsville.

This is excellent news, and shows solid initiative by public health officials in our region. Getting the most people vaccinated in the least amount of time makes sense.


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