Ohio County BOE Took Easy Approach

The Ohio County Board of Education found itself in an unenviable position Friday when it chose to follow Superintendent Kim Miller’s recommendation that students return to school next week in a two-day in-person, three-day remote learning model.

On the one hand, kids need to be back in school. That’s clear. They need to be back in school five days a week. They need to get out of the house and away from ineffective remote learning platforms. They need to get back in the classroom, in front of their teachers and with their classmates, where accountability can take place.

On the other hand, there remains a segment of the local school community concerned with sending their children back to school full-time, especially now with COVID-19 cases and deaths still at a peak.

Board members chose the easy approach by voting — unanimously — to adopt the hybrid model. The less popular but ultimately correct decision would have been to put youngsters back in class full-time starting next week. Far too many parents are watching their children struggle not only with inadequate remote learning platforms, but also with isolation. The mental health concerns of keeping youngsters at home for months on end will be dealt with for years to come.

The last 10 months, from a public education standpoint, have been a failure. At each turn, the easy path has been taken — with little to no regard for the impact on students.

Our children deserve better. We can do better. And we must.


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