Using Pharmacies For Vaccinations

Give the Biden administration credit for building on successes in getting the COVID-19 vaccines rolled out to as many Americans as possible. Last week, it launched a federal pharmacy program that had initially been announced by the Trump White House, which will deliver doses directly to chains such as CVS and Walgreens. The plan uses existing distribution channels.

At the beginning, governors and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified retail chains that could administer vaccines in their states. It was part of an effort not just to get the vaccine out, but to reach underserved communities.

In its first four days of operation, with about 15 percent of pharmacies nationwide participating, the program administered more than 700,000 of the initial 1 million doses per week allotted by the federal government. So, the White House has doubled that to 2 million doses this week.

“Everyone wants more vaccines,” said Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, D-Michigan. “I do know that the … increase is great news for all of us.”

“The more ways we can bring the opportunities online the better,” she said.

That means listening to all ideas, even if they did not originate in the Biden White House.


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