Getting Older W.Va. Residents Protected

West Virginia has done a good job in working to get residents vaccinated against COVID-19. As of Monday, 308,504 people have full protection against the virus, according to statistics from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control.

West Virginia is ninth overall among the states in the percentage of the total population fully vaccinated at 18.5%. However, when it comes to the most vulnerable population, 65 and older, West Virginia falls to a disappointing 19th among the states, as 50.3% of the state’s 65-and-older population — 184,582 people — have both shots.

Many states that had trailed West Virginia in getting older residents fully vaccinated have moved ahead. Ohio has 52.5% of its 65-and-older residents fully protected.

After a strong start, West Virginia seems to have hit a lull in vaccine distribution. State officials need to work to fix this.


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