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Time to Clean Up Wheeling Island

“It takes a village” is often associated with how the collective “we” care for and tend to one another. Starting this weekend and continuing twice more later this month, Wheeling City Councilman Ben Seidler will be leading a charge — one that, appropriately, could be thought of as “It takes an Island” — for residents of Wheeling Island to clean up their neighborhood.

This Friday and Saturday, residents are being asked to take their junk, old appliances — anything they want to dispose of outside of hazardous materials — and place those items neatly on the curb by their home, as they would with regular garbage pickup. Starting Sunday, the city of Wheeling will bring in backhoes and dump trucks to remove the items. Seidler likened this weekend’s effort to a “one-time-only, all-hands-on-deck flood protocol.”

“Please get the stuff that’s going to end up in your yard or along the side of your house out to the property line,” Seidler said, “so we don’t have to write you a letter and a citation later this spring.”

A second clean-up date is set for Saturday, April 24. Volunteers will be out in full-force starting at 8 a.m. to clean up the Island.

That volunteer effort will last until noon April 24. Following that, Seidler is challenging Island residents to get out and care for their neighborhood.

“… I’m triple-dog daring … the residents of Wheeling Island to spend the rest of the day focusing on your own properties and asking your neighbors how you can help clean up theirs,” Seidler said.

That’s a dare everyone should accept.

The final Island clean-up day this year is from 8 a.m. until 2 p.m. April 27 at the Wheeling Island Marina.

For years, unwanted items have accumulated on Wheeling Island. Seidler, an Island resident, ran on a platform to clean up his neighborhood — either through efforts such as this or through legal means. It’s good to see he’s sticking to his word.

We encourage all Island residents to join with Seidler and clean up their neighborhood.


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