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Agri-Business Program Great Choice at School

One of the best features at Wheeling Park High School is the greenhouse. Each year, students and staff work to cultivate flowers and plants, all leading up to the pre-Mother’s Day sale that kicks off Monday.

Local residents who take advantage of that sale know the hard work the students put in, and the beautiful flowers they grow.

Up until now, the program at Park was simply a way to introduce students to horticulture. But plans are underway to bloom a full-grown agriculture business program.

“We believe this is a time to build that sustainability around our greenhouse and hydroponics, and also provide a legitimate curriculum around those,” Park Principal Meredith Dailer told school board members this past week.

What a wonderful idea.

As more people seek locally-sourced products including fruits, vegetables and meats, such a program will meet a growing demand while providing students in Park’s Career and Technical Education track a new option to explore.

Wheeling Park administrators made the right choice in proposing the new program.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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