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Don’t Rush on New Police Department

Weirton officials have started to move forward on plans for the new home of the city’s police department.

While the matter has been discussed by council and the city manager in recent months, the idea can be traced back at least 30 years, with various city administrations bringing up the idea of an expansion for the city’s law enforcement officers. With more than three years remaining on the current council’s term, members appear determined to make it a reality before they leave office.

Although some city officials — and even a handful of residents — have offered ideas on a location for the proposed facility, council made a wise decision last week by agreeing to hold off on selecting a site until a feasibility study comes back.

Council members agreed they would prefer the use of land currently owned by the city, with a focus on downtown. But, without knowing exactly how much property will be needed, or even the scope of the project itself, it is best to wait until all of the information is in hand before making such a decision.

While the idea has been simply to build a new home for the Weirton Police Department, some of the latest talks suggest also including space for a municipal law center — with a courtroom and offices for the city judge, city attorney and staff — as well as administrative offices for the Weirton Fire Department.

It’s possible the land that has been eyed so far won’t be sufficient, depending on how the city decides to proceed.

Again, it is a wise decision to wait until the study is complete instead of rushing forward.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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