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Protecting Those Who Protect Us

Mountain State residents are for the most part proud to support the law enforcement officers who keep them safe. Though there are tough questions to ask across the country, we here in West Virginia believe we do a good job of showing our appreciation to the good officers who serve our communities.

Results of a recent study by WalletHub tell a different story, however. West Virginia ranks 47th in the nation in the 2021’s Best and Worst States to be a Police Officer report. In terms of opportunity and competition, the Mountain State is 49th; for law enforcement training requirements, 33rd; and for job hazards protection, a dismal 50th. Breaking down that last category a little more, West Virginia is 50th specifically in state and local police-protection expenses per capita as well.

We tell these men and women we are grateful for them and support them — and we know they go on serving and protecting us in an incredibly stressful and dangerous line of work, no matter what resources are available to them. But are we putting our money where our mouths are, in terms of giving them what they need to do the job properly and safely?

This report suggests the answer is no. City, county and state officials dealing with tight budgets have a little prioritizing to do. Protecting those who protect the rest of us should go to the top of the list.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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