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Reuniting Families In Treatment Court

With all the negativity that infiltrates our lives on a daily basis, it’s always a relief to us when a good, positive story comes along.

Such an instance happened Wednesday, when Teonka Wilson of Wheeling graduated from Ohio County Family Treatment Court. During a ceremony before Ohio County Circuit Judge David Sims and West Virginia Supreme Court Chief Justice Evan Jenkins, Wilson recounted her journey to sobriety and how it led her to be reunited with her daughter.

“I had been addicted to drugs and alcohol for 19 years,” she told those attending the graduation ceremony. “As much as I tried, I couldn’t stop — not even when I was pregnant. I hated who I was. I hated life in general.

“I felt like the worst person alive because I had done this to my innocent child. I knew I had to fix things.”

The opportunity to “fix” her situation came through Ohio County Family Treatment Court, which Sims oversees. The court program focuses on reuniting families where the parents are individuals with substance use disorders who also are involved in a child abuse and neglect case.

“You didn’t know if you could do this. You didn’t know if you could be a good mom,” Sims told Wilson. “Over the past year, you’ve come 180 degrees, and I know you are confident in yourself and your abilities to be a good mom. We’re very proud of you.” As are we. Congratulations, Ms. Wilson, and take full advantage of this second chance.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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