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Swank Construction Is a Good Neighbor

There’s something to be said that a company from New Kensington, Pennsylvania, has conscientious enough employees willing to help out locally when needed.

Swank Construction workers have taken up residence in Wheeling for the past 18 months — and will be here for about 18 months more — to handle the $215 million Interstate 70 Bridges project. The company’s workers have done a good job in staying ahead of schedule with the work to fully replace the Fulton bridges and rehabilitate about two dozen others along I-70.

What’s interesting is that the company’s work has not simply been limited to repairing the interstate bridges. Last October, one of the company’s workers built new sawhorses for St. Vincent de Paul School in Elm Grove — they allow the school to close the street to traffic when students are on recess — after the old ones had been stolen.

Then, on Thursday, Swank workers were seen assisting city of Wheeling crews to tackle a 12-inch waterline break that occurred near the base of McColloch Street.

That’s being a good neighbor. We need to see more of that in our nation.

In both instances, Swank workers simply could have gone about their day and done nothing. Instead, they chipped in and offered assistance. For that, they deserve our congratulations.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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