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Make Projects Count

The city of Wheeling found itself with an additional $14.1 million in recent weeks, as the first installment from the American Rescue Plan has been received. The city now must identify projects that will provide the most impact for residents, and use the funds to make a difference moving forward. Mayor Glenn Elliott, in a joint guest commentary on Page 3 today with Charleston Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin and Huntington Mayor Steve Williams, outlined the opportunity his city has with the additional money. “The funding from the ARP will go a long way in moving Wheeling forward and providing the city the ability to take on projects that would be years in the making if not for this opportunity.”

Indeed. The city cannot afford to squander this chance to do something that will truly help move Wheeling into the future. We ask the mayor and city council to choose projects that will benefit Wheeling for years to come.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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