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Take Care on Highways

Warm sunny days are on the horizon, and Buckeye State safety officials are gearing up for the “100 deadliest days of summer,” according to the Ohio State Highway Patrol. From Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend there is an “increase in vehicular crashes and deaths.” Not a surprise, really, given the way our driving and social habits change during the summer.

Last year there were 73,626 crashes on Ohio roadways during the summer — an average of 675 per day. Included in that figure were 452 fatal crashes that killed 478 people. Of course, the two major causes of those deaths are speeding and operating a vehicle while impaired — 59% of fatal crashes were OVI-related, and 31% speed-related.

Motorcyclists face an even greater danger during these 100 days, partly because the weather is so much more suitable to enjoy a ride. In 2020, this time period saw 60% of all motorcycle-involved crashes for the year.

Be smart about enjoying summer driving and riding, folks. And remember to keep an eye out for those who are not so vigilant.

“Protect yourself and others on the road by committing to safe driving habits such as driving sober, obeying the speed limit and not driving distracted,” said Col. Richard S. Fambro.

It’s good advice, and, if followed, it could keep you and your passengers alive to enjoy many summers to come.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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