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Cleaning Up Downtown Wheeling a Necessity

As some point in the coming months, the below-ground infrastructure work being done in downtown Wheeling will finish, and the long-awaited streetscape project will begin. That will lead to a new look and, hopefully, a new future for the city’s central business district.

In the meantime, though, the level of dust, dirt and weeds throughout the downtown is simply unacceptable. We cannot allow the premise of work being done — work that, while necessary, is interrupting the daily operations of many downtown businesses, and also keeping people away — to halt what should be simple, daily maintenance.

As we detailed earlier this week, there are many positive private developments taking place throughout the city to complement the publicly funded work. The least the city could do right now is hose down the sidewalks and make sure weeds are pulled as a good-faith gesture to businesses that at times have been forced to close because they have no water.

The public is doing its part by being patient through this work; the city needs to do its part, as well.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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