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Nau Deserving Of City Honor

Every so often, a public servant comes along who exemplifies the term “servant” — they give their time and talents for the greater good without seeking glory for themselves.

Mike Nau is one of those servants, and on Tuesday Mayor Glenn Elliott recognized his continued commitment to Wheeling by naming him as the fifth recipient of the Gateway Award.

For 36 years, Nau served his hometown, starting in 1972 as a housing administrator and then, most recently, receiving an appointment to the reconstituted Municipal Building Commission. He also served as a city zoning administrator, assistant city manager, city manager (1985-1990) and then 18 years as a member of Wheeling City Council.

During his time on council, Nau was known for his sound judgment and principled decisions. He helped guide Wheeling through some of its most important decisions of the past few decades with the development of Heritage Port, the creation of Celoron Plaza, the redevelopment of the former Stone & Thomas site and the Capitol Theatre, and the city’s push for home rule.

“… What is amazing to me about Mike Nau is that despite his long service to his community … he somehow managed to emerge from it all as well liked and respected as when he started,” Elliott joked.

Today, we join Elliott in celebrating Mike Nau’s service to Wheeling — service that continues today through the Municipal Building Commission. All public officials should work to follow his lead.


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