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Support Arts in Ohio

In April of this year, the unemployment rate for those in Ohio’s arts and entertainment sector was 21%. Though employment in the sector improved a bit by May, the damage of more than a year of pandemic-related closures is clear. CARES act funding was funneled toward the arts community, but it was a drop in the bucket.

“… Unfortunately, the organizations permitted to apply for CARES (Act) funding indicate in this new survey that the one-time relief aid had only kept their institutions afloat for an average of six weeks,” said Angela Meleca, executive director of the Ohio Citizens for the Arts.

That means the arts organizations we love need help from all directions. Support is essential.

Lawmakers and bureaucrats must therefore make sure that fiscally responsible arts organizations get whatever help is available.

Those of us who love and understand the value of these organizations must also show our support. Many are attempting to bring back concerts, exhibits, classes and other offerings on a shoe string. They are not up to full strength. Buy a ticket, register for a class or make a donation, anyway.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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