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Giving Thanks Today For All That We Have

As we sit down today with family and friends, let us remember some of the reasons we should always be thankful to be Americans.

No other people are as prosperous as we are. No other nation, through a combination of organized charity, individual generosity and government programs, does as much to ensure no one is deprived of the necessities of life.

Our neighbors — especially here in West Virginia and Ohio — need not be asked for help when they sense we need it. Even during this 20 months of uncertainty created by COVID-19, when many of us lost loved ones unexpectedly, or when we found ourselves stuck in our homes, our thankfulness never waned. Our friends and neighbors were always there to help with a kind word, or a hot meal. It’s just what we Americans do — we help one another.

How we govern ourselves collectively has been a marvel to most of the rest of the world for more than two centuries. Even today, with all the division we see, we should remain thankful that we live in a free nation, where we can do or say what we want, when we want. No matter our political differences, the unalienable rights we all have been granted by God — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness — are far more important than whomever is in the White House, or which political party is in power.

Our nation’s founders gave us the blessing of a government resting solidly on a foundation of individual liberties. The actions we engage in daily would cause others to be targets of their governments.

Among our greatest blessings is that for more than two centuries, patriotic, brave Americans have answered our country’s call to keep us free. Many have sacrificed much to do that. Today, we ask the Lord’s special blessings on them.

In large measure our deep, abiding concern for individual liberties stems from the Christian faith upon which the nation’s founders relied. The very firmness of their own religion prompted them to ensure that every American be guaranteed the right to worship as he or she sees fit.

Are we Americans collectively perfect? Of course not. But another of the many traits for which we as a people have reason to feel graced is our continuing drive to do better. God willing, we will persist in moving in that direction.

Much of what we have is because of our own hard work. No one — certainly not the government — did that for us.

But can we doubt that for one reason or another, we have been divinely blessed? For that, we have every reason to be grateful to our Creator.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.


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