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Ohio Is Ranked Among Safest States in Nation

While increased access to both news and social media may mean we hear of an increased number of crimes these days, either locally or throughout the state, it is good to see a recent report that indicates it might not be as bad as we’ve feared.

Consumer Affairs recently ranked the country’s safest states, based on violent crime, property crime, number of law enforcement officers and law enforcement spending using data from the FBI and Census Bureau. Ohio ranked at number 7. In fact, according to the Consumer Affairs website, no state outside the Northeast is safer.

Ohio is 18th in violent crime and 23rd in property crime, and it has the highest budget per law enforcement employee in the United States. On the other hand, the Buckeye State is 26th in law enforcement officers per capita. Consumer Affairs also ranked safest small town, midsize town and large city in the state, with Hunting Valley named safest small town, Perrysburg the safest midsize town and Columbus as the safest large city.

There is always room for improvement, but it is encouraging to know local and state officials are doing a great deal — perhaps more than we gave them credit for doing — to keep us safe.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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