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An Exciting Find in Ohio

It is always fun to see someone get excited about news in their field, even if the news does not mean much to the rest of us.

In this case, however, everyone in our region should match the excitement from the Ohio Division of Wildlife after a recent discovery.

A fish that has not been seen in the state for 82 years has re-emerged.

Two longhead darters were found in the Ohio River in the fall, during electrofish bass surveys. The last time anyone saw the fish here was when ichthyologist and former curator of Ohio State University’s Museum of Zoology Milton B. Trautman found seven in Coshocton County’s Walhonding River in 1939.

ODW employees were surprised at the find.

It is a reminder that while we have a long way to go in restoring the health of our environment, we are making progress.

Though at one time the longhead darter was not found anywhere in our region, it is now present in Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, New York, Pennsylvania, Kentucky, Virginia and North Carolina.

This tiny fish is making big moves, and those who are working to clean up our waterways can be proud of the achievement. The trick is to keep making such progress, lest they disappear once more.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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