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These Students Are the Experts on West Virginia

Do you know who keeps the Great Seal in West Virginia?

How about naming the state’s most harvested crop, and which region produces it?

Or picking which industry historically employed the most workers in the state?

While some of us would struggle to answer those questions, a group of eighth-graders recently proved their expertise on West Virginia and its history, and next month will be honored as a Knight or Lady of the Golden Horseshoe.

A total of 221 new names will be added to the list of Golden Horseshoe honorees this year, with 20 hailing from the Northern Panhandle. Being a Golden Horseshoe winner means you’re an expert on West Virginia’s history, politics and current events.

The local honorees are:

– Brooke County: Jalynn Gebroski, Quentin Toth, and Mollie Diaz, all students at Brooke Middle School.

– Hancock: Ella Paras, Oak Glen Middle School; Micah Hvizdak and Cayden Braswell, Weir Middle School; and Ethaniel Baker, St. Joseph the Worker School.

– Marshall: Brodie Baker, Lila Roman, Jasper Murrin, and Morgan Messner, all from Sherrard Middle School.

– Ohio: Finn O’Connell and Michael Hutnick, St. Michael Parish School; William Blackwell, Triadelphia Middle School; and Dayton Van Fossen, Bridge Street Middle School.

– Wetzel: Jessa Anderson and Chenbin Ren, New Martinsville School; and Rachel Hickman, Short Line School.

– Tyler: Kayden Utt and McKenzie Utt, both of Tyler Consolidated Middle School.

Congratulations to all these students, and we join in welcoming them into the Golden Horseshoe’s inner circle.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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