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Keeping Schools Safe

In a few weeks, parents will send students back to school in Ohio, perhaps with a bit more worry about safety and security, but knowing teachers, administrators and staff are doing all they can to keep kids safe while they learn. To that end, Gov. Mike DeWine announced another round of state assistance for security upgrades at schools — $47 million in grant funding for 1,183 schools.

Among the grants awarded: Bellaire City Schools will receive $150,000; Bridgeport will receive $50,000; St. Clairsville will receive about $89,000; Union Local, $55,200; Edison Local will receive about $135,000; Indian Creek, $56,000; and Conotton Valley, about $87,000.

“With the start of the new school year quickly approaching, we want students, staff, and parents to know that we care about school safety, and we’re working every day to make sure that rural, urban, and suburban schools alike have the safety and security resources they need,” DeWine said. “Helping schools pay for important security improvements is just one component of our comprehensive school safety approach that also supports the mental wellbeing of our kids and the work of local law enforcement to prevent crime.”

Some of the planned uses for the money, according to DeWine’s office, are physical security enhancements such as security cameras, public address systems, automatic door locks, visitor badging systems, and exterior lighting. Local officials know best how to keep students safe and schools secure; and it is encouraging to see grants awarded that will help them do so.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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