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Meeting Region’s Needs

Meeting the needs of the region — that is what institutions that receive state funding should be doing. And Belmont College and its staff take that mission seriously.

The Development District Association of Appalachia included a tour of the college as part of its annual meeting. The field trip provided Belmont College Energy Institute Manager Ed Mowrer a chance to show the visitors the facility’s labs and new equipment while outlining the programs of study that are offered.

Mowrer described how the “oil and gas revolution” has changed the face of the Ohio Valley and underlined the important role institutions such as Belmont College play in preparing students for career openings in these fields. He also pointed out new and updated training for the electronics programs, as well as new degree programs for high-tech fields.

Melissa Rataiczak also spoke on the commercial driver’s license program, which can prepare new drivers for the road in a matter of weeks.

The Governor’s Office of Appalachia has invested about $500,000 into the college, with close to $1 million coming from the Appalachian Regional Commission.

The college should keep putting that money to good use.


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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