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Waterfall Trail a Gem for Our State

As gasoline prices tick down a little and there is still time before school starts again, Mountain State residents might want to consider road-tripping on the West Virginia Waterfall Trail.

According to the state Department of Tourism, more than 10,000 participants have already checked in on the trail since early June.

“We started this trail because our research showed that folks love waterfalls. And wow — that’s really proven to be true,” said West Virginia Tourism Secretary Chelsea Ruby. “If you’re looking for a great summer activity, I encourage you to hit those Country Roads and start your waterfall hunt. There’s truly no better place to get out and explore than right here in Almost Heaven!”

Ruby and her team have, once again, knocked one out of the park, as the trail includes 29 falls all over the state, at which visitors can use the West Virginia Waterfall Trail passport downloaded to their smartphone to check in and receive prizes. Check in at three or more and get a custom sticker; 10 or more, get an aluminum water bottle; 20 or more, get a “waterfall wanderer” t-shirt.

The trail is a wonderful opportunity for visitors and residents alike to explore the incredible natural beauty of our state, and another example of the good work being done by Ruby and the Department of Tourism. This is one branch of government that really does seem to understand its job, and do it well for the people of West Virginia.

Its website offers plenty of other fun ways to learn and seek adventure close to home. For the waterfall trail, go to WVtourism.com/waterfalls (local residents can check one off the list relatively quickly with a stop at Oglebay Falls); but if you are looking for more ideas, the site is full of them.


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