Recall Assault Weapons

Editor, News-Register:

It seems urgent for all of us Americans to become listeners and to take some serious action on behalf of all citizens — especially our children and youth. If we have eyes to see and ears to hear, we know that our teenagers are now calling us to take real and effective action in the matter of gun control in our beloved country. Will we have the courage to do what it takes in this moment?

Surely it is time to think about the kind of destruction that one individual can cause with an automatic weapon? We just saw it at Parkland High School in Miami, Fla. We saw it in Las Vegas just a few months earlier. Are we blind to the reality that faces us? Does any ordinary citizen need an automatic rifle? Should the AR-15 be on local gun store racks for ready purchase?

My suggestion is to demand the recall of all assault weapons in this United States by a certain immediate date. And let it be known that anyone caught with one of these automatic weapons in the future will go to jail for a year for failing to turn in his/her gun. And finally, it does not concern me at all what the NRA thinks or says in defense of this kind of decision or ruling and its consequences. Let us be the responsible adults and take charge of this out-of-control situation in our nation.

Sister Ellen Dunn

Mingo Junction


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