Trail Partners Are Grateful for Support

Editor, News-Register:

Ohio Valley Trail Partners wish to offer a very heartfelt thank-you to all the wonderful riders, volunteers, sponsors, donors, Wheeling Police and Fire Department participants who helped make our 12th annual Wheeling Heritage Trail Bicycle Tour a rousing success.

The purpose of the Trail Tour is to offer a unique event that allows participants to enjoy wellness, appreciate the local history of our region and socialize with some great folks.

With such fine support from those mentioned above, OVTP has been able to provide : treatment on six Wheeling Heritage Trail bridges, paint visibility lines in the Hempfield Tunnel, better known as Tunnel Green, reimburse the City of Wheeling thousands of dollars to help patch cracks in this 25-year-old trail system, paid for a permanent $1,500 bicycle repair station next to Wesbanco Arena, paid for porta jon at Pike Island Dam, much needed since concerns of possible terrorism forced government to shut down existing restrooms for visitors, financially assisted trail groups in Brooke and Belmont County to help them improve existing and help develop new trails, helped treat four bridges in Brooke County, took part in regional trail conferences in four states to promote the trails we have in our region, and more.

We’re not sure how many other organizations that utilize City of Wheeling special event locations return support to our communities, but Ohio Valley Trail Partners hope to continue this special process.

We estimate that fewer than 1 per cent of those people that use the Wheeling Heritage and Brooke Pioneer Trails ever take part in our annual Trail Tour, but we hope readers will view and plan to take part in future events.

Bikeped trails are legacies to citizens. They improve health, increase property values, bring business to communities, develop communitywide lasting relationships, improve personal well being, and much more.

So once again, OVTP thanks all who helped and supported our 2018 event.

Ohio Valley Trail Partners



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