AEP Is Criticized

Editor, News-Register:

Headline, Sunday News- Register, Wheeling, WV, Sunday Morning June 24, 2018: “Rate Increase Pending for Appalachian Power Users”

Please, AEP, enough is enough! It is time for clear thinking and straight talk! The trust granted to an investor-owned public utility is based upon a delicate balance between the customers, the investors and the employees.

I was taught that this relationship could be likened to the sides of an equilateral triangle.

Anytime that one side is favored or slighted with respect to the others, the balance of this equilateral triangle is disturbed. Does the pending rate increase place excessive burden on the customers? I request that the Public Service Commission of West Virginia examine this question very carefully.

The above-noted article states: “In a released statement, AEP reports approximately half of the requested increase is because of a significant decline in the amount of electricity being used by customers.”

Does this statement contradict what we as customers have been told about our part in energy conservation efforts? Has common sense simply fallen by the wayside at AEP?

John Habak



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