Benefiting From Carbon Fee

Editor, News-Register:

We can help the environment and help people pay their energy bills through carbon fee and dividend. The fee on fossil fuels would be collected at the mine, well or port. Then, every American household would get back money collected from the fee as a dividend.

With carbon fee and dividend, a household of two adults and four children with an income of $55,000 would get enough money from the dividend to offset increased energy bills and have an extra $16 month left over after paying the bills.

Want to learn more about how this policy will affect your household? Try this carbon fee and dividend calculator.

This policy would level the playing field for renewable and low carbon sources of energy. This will cause the cost of electricity from coal and natural gas to rise while the price of electricity from solar, wind, hydro, and nuclear would stay the same or become cheaper as renewable technology scales. Polluters would be paying their fair share for the damage they are doing. With carbon fee and dividend, we can help people pay the bills now and help our kids inherit a planet with a stable climate.

Dana Siler



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