Unions Aid Democrats

Editor, News-Register:

To those who pay attention, it is common knowledge that the American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association are arms of the Democratic Party. However, I was surprised that the AFT was an extension of the far left Socialist Dems. Any teacher that belongs to the AFT supports that Socialist agenda by paying their dues. I stopped my NEA membership in the early years of my career when I learned of its agenda.

Our educational system is far from being acceptable. Yet the above organizations are vehemently against changes such as charter schools, school choice, etc., because it would weaken their hold. Political strength, not the education of the children, is their priority.

Food for thought: The three states (Kentucky, Oklahoma, West Virginia) that the AFT and NEA targeted for strikes are all under Republican leadership. Coincidence? Maybe, but I doubt it.

Do not take this as an attack on teachers. I did that hard job for over three decades. What I resent is them being used as political pawns. They should be adequately compensated. But you can’t compare their wages/benefits to states that have double, triple or more populations. After all, the people pick up the tab.

David W. McDonald



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