Support Kavanaugh

Editor, News-Register:

Hello, my name is Michelle Wade. I live in Wheeling, W.Va., and I’m sending this letter to ask you to please support Brett Kavanaugh for the next Supreme Court justice. He will fairly and honestly do what is asked of him.

His credentials confirm that he has and will in the future defend our Constitutional First Amendment to freedom of speech and religion. That shows he has a heart for the American people, hands that will diligently get to work for the sake of justice and a mind that will use critical thinking to help resolve even the most complex of cases.

The Supreme Court needs the next justice to be someone who has integrity. He cares deeply for our freedoms, like freedom of speech and religion. We need someone who will be impartial, take time to listen to the viewpoint of everyone and will loyally hold to the inherent values of the Constitution.

After all, that is what a good and fair judge is all about. It’s only right to put principles over politics and Brett Kavanaughs will do that like any honest judge would.

There were alot of people who voted for Donald Trump to be president of the United States, because he promised the appointment of judges and justices who would be unbiased and forthright. That is very important to have because otherwise, how would anyone have an honest court hearing if all judges were biased?

That would only lead to trouble for the judicial system. How could any citizen get a fair trial if something like that ever happened? That is precisely why Brett Kavanaughs should be the next Supreme Court justice.

Michelle Wade



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