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Hold Trump Accountable

Editor, News-Register:

It has recently been reported that President Trump has now surpassed the 5,000 plateau of documented false and or misleading statements made during his tenure in the White House and counting, which is most alarming and certainly unprecedented and this from an individual who unceremoniously labeled Senator Ted Cruz (Republican, Texas) as “Lying Ted” during the 2016 Presidential Primary campaign!

President Trump continues to wage an all-out assault on the legitimate national media for their “audacity and disrespect” for holding him accountable for his often inappropriate words and actions, referring to our vaunted members for our nation’s Fourth Estate as presenting fake news and incredible labeling them as enemies of the people” — words totally unsuitable as well as false and incendiary in a free and democratic society such as ours and more akin to such verbiage used by his autocratic role-models, Vladimir Putin of Russia and Kim Jong Un of South Korea, who systematically imprison or even kill those in their nation’s media who dare hold their absolute omnipotence in question while having complete control over their nation’s media.

Unfortunately for want-to-be autocrat President Trump, our nation’s news media have their right to report without bias to the American people, protected appropriately under the First Amendment to the Constitution of our great nation.

Also, President Trump feels that his Cabinet members and all office holders should be first and foremost loyal to him and not the American people. Another “misconception” on the part of the president, perhaps?

Although more than 30 Trump campaign officials have been indicted by special prosecutor Robert Mueller to date, the president, in an obvious attempt to deceive and discredit, continues to refer to this critical investigation, disrespectfully as a “witch hunt.”

Perhaps this questionable strategic approach is a result of a growing concern that he, as well as family members, will be held accountable.

The recent release of the book “Fear” by renowned journalist Bob Woodward on the Trump White House, documents that Chief of Staff John Kelly has referred to the president as unhinged” and an “idiot” and that Secretary of Defense James “Mad Dog” Mattis has said the president has the “understanding of a 5th or 6th grader” as well as a plethora of quotes from Trump “insiders” who have a much less than flattering view of the president, which is quite concerning and troubling.

Also, President Trump should be compelled to share his income tax return data with the American people.The failure to do so, according to Mr. Trump prior to his candidacy, should in itself eliminate such a candidate for consideration for elective office.

With President Trump, it appears that he expects others to adhere to accepted standards of protocol and professionalism but he unfortunately feels that such adherence to protocol simply does not apply to him.

Richard Hord

Martins Ferry


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