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Improve Wetzel Roads

Editor, News-Register:

In regard to the article recently on Monroe and Wetzel counties being distressed counties: If you haven’t been down to New Martinsville lately, I suggest you or an investigative reporter to check us out.

You will discover a poorly, unprofessional strip paving of W.Va. 2 by the State Road. You would think with the taxes being generated in Wetzel and Tyler County from the oil and gas drilling, we would be rewarded with first-class roads.

I recently drove from Paden City to Virginia, purposely taking Route U.S. 50 to 48 to Strasburg, Va. The roads were horrible on W.Va. 18 through Middlebourne to West Union. Once we entered U.S. 50, it was mostly smooth sailing, even through the winding mountainous areas.

So my point is, Wetzel will always be distressed until the roads are brought up to par with other northern counties. Until W.Va. 2 is four-laned to Parkersburg and a decent access road to the I-79 Corridor, this part of the Panhandle will always be locked out of expansion. Roads, as always, are the pathway to economic growth.

Lemoine Klug

Paden City


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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