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School Levy Plan Questioned

Editor, News-Register:

I would like to start by saying I nor any member of my family (immediate) is or ever was an employee of the St. Clairsville school district.

I pay property tax to the St. Clairsville school district. The amount I paid this year was $850 According to one school employee, my tax would go up a little over $400. That would be a little over $100 a month in total for taxes going to the school district.

I have been paying this for 26 years, even after we found several teacher actions so bad that I drove my granddaughter past the St. Clairsville school to attend Bridgeport Schools for several years.

The have been several news articles from the district, telling voters how much their taxes would go up. It should be noted that those examples were based on property evaluations for 2017.

Belmont County is in the process of reevaluating every property in the county on which you would start to pay the tax starting in 2019. They do this every six years.

The last six-year re-appraisal was around five percent, but then the state ordered the county to raise it 10 percent more. There is no way to know until later this year, but one thing is for sure, the school tax is going up. That would be in addition to the millions and millions of new property being built and some that were built last year that will be taxed fully next year.

Somehow I think those advocating for the levy knew this. I think that is why this dream came up so sudden.

Rudy Mokros

Richland Township, Belmont County


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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