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Spaces Backs East Ohio

Editor, News-Register:

Zack Space’s record shows strong support for southeastern Ohio families.

I am responding to misleading information that questioned former U.S. congressman and candidate for Ohio Auditor Zack Space’s record on the issues facing southern and eastern Ohioans.

Zack was born and raised in Appalachian Ohio. He spent his life living in our region, unlike the person making the allegations, and genuinely understands the unique challenges that rural families face, because he’s one of us. Zack is the grandson of a coal miner and deeply respects all that coal means to our region, which is why he was endorsed by the United Mine Workers of America and the United Steelworkers of America soon after announcing his campaign at our Steelworker Hall in Martins Ferry last year.

His record in the U.S. Congress clearly reflects this. Zack fought for the things that matter to us, like strongly opposing job-killing trade deals like NAFTA, protecting our good-paying jobs, and bringing broadband and infrastructure funding to our communities.

He was like any other political politician in Washington who votes along party lines. He voted for Nancy Pelosi bills that raised the minimum wage for workers, increased spending for our veterans and a $700 million TARP program bailout to prevent the collapse of our banking system. I guess that was wrong according to the critic.

In his campaign for auditor of state, Zack has spent more time in eastern and southern Ohio than any statewide candidate in either political party. Keith Faber, Zack’s opponent in the auditor’s race, is a career politician who has barely spent any time in our communities and who doesn’t understand our values. Faber has been a leader of the Columbus swamp for 17 years. Faber recently returned over $36,000 in campaign contribution from ECOT, the for profit charter school scam recently exposed, by claiming he helped shut it down. This was rated by Politifact Ohio as mostly false reasons. Mr. Faber has time after time sold out rural Ohioans and our families to the big corporations, special interests, and political elites in Columbus.

Unlike President Trump and Zack Space, Faber supports unfair trade deals like NAFTA, and just last year refused to support a bill that would have punished Ohio companies for shipping more of our jobs overseas. He has failed to fairly fund our public schools, and has harmed our children’s future. He has never done anything about the opioid epidemic. Faber does not care about us or our communities, only about himself and his political career. He is not one of us, and he is not for us.

Unlike Keith Faber, Zack has always done what he thought was best for the people in southeastern Ohio. I feel he will bring our values to Columbus because he shares them. Ohioans would do well to elect Zack Space in November as Ohio’s next Auditor.

My Welsh heritage entitles to quote Churchill as well when he said “this could be our finest hour”

Frank Papini

President, USW S.O.A.R. Chapter 23-9

St. Clairsville


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