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Trump Policies Work

Editor, News-Register:

I firmly believe that many people detest this administration for personal reasons. They don’t like President Trump the man because he comes across as rude and crude.

I am a staunch Trump supporter and I also do not like some of the things he says. But I am able to look past the crude side of our president and see the good that he is doing for our country.

I ask you, what is wrong with four million new jobs created since he took office? What is wrong with more Americans being employed now than ever recorded before in our history? What is wrong with 400,000 more manufacturing jobs that have been created since his election?

What is wrong with new unemployment claims hitting a 49-year low? What is wrong with economic growth that hit 4.2 percent last quarter? What is wrong with median household income hitting the highest level ever recorded? What’s wrong with African-American unemployment recently achieving the lowest rate ever recorded? What’s wrong with tax cuts for all income levels?

What’s wrong with manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than three decades? And what is wrong with the stock market reaching record highs 60 times since he took office?

And do I have to remind you that North Korea is no longer firing missiles over our allies and into the ocean and threatening our country? I could go on and on, but I think I made my point.

So I ask you: Ae you letting your personal feelings get in the way of your love for your country? I’m sorry to say that many of you are doing just that. You need to come down off your high horse and appreciate what this man is doing for our country.

Randy Tschappatt

Ohio County


Today's breaking news and more in your inbox

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