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Nickerson Is Supported

Editor, News-Register:

I am a Democrat and have been a Democrat for most of my adult life. Having said that, I find that when it comes to local elections it doesn’t matter whether a particular candidate is a Republican or a Democrat. Oftentimes in local elections, one has a better chance of actually knowing the candidate, or, at least, has a friend or family member who knows the candidate.

Since moving to Wheeling in 1996 and calling it home I have found myself voting not for the person of a particular political party but for the person who I know has the integrity, commitment and passion and who would be the best person for the job. Through the years I have supported, helped and voted for candidates of both parties. And this year I will be doing so again when I vote on Nov. 6 for Republican candidate Don Nickerson for Ohio County commissioner.

I have known Don for almost 20 years and I can simply state that he is one of the most honest, decent and hard-working people I know. He is also a great friend. I know that he is the perfect person to be one of our county commissioners.

To state all of Don’s accolades would take up way too much space in this message. He is a lifelong resident of Ohio County. He is a committed family man with a lovely wife and two young children who attend Ohio County schools. Don has been an attorney for over 30 years and has served as one of the Wheeling municipal Judges since 1999. He is respected among his peers. He is experienced with working with local government and in all sorts of legal matters. All of his life experiences will assist him in being an effective county commissioner.

Don is committed to Ohio County and to serving us as county commissioner. He lives here full time and is raising his family here, unlike his opponent Orphy Klempa, who spends a significant amount of his time out of state. He will be around to listen to us and will make himself available to our ideas, questions and concerns. He has both the experience and the work ethic to do great things for Ohio County. He also has the integrity and intelligence which will benefit all of Ohio County. I know that he will work hard for us.

Political parties aside, Don is the right person for the job and I hope you join me in voting for Don Nickerson on Nov. 6 as county commissioner.

Scott C. Brown



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