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Send Ihlenfeld to Senate

Editor, News-Register:

We need and deserve better representation of the Northern Panhandle in the West Virginia Senate. Bill Ihlenfeld is the right person for the job.

Our state legislature is broken — mired in partisan bickering, unable to work together to act in the best interest of our people.

Bill Ihlenfeld is the kind of proven leader who can make a difference in Charleston. In his two decades as a prosecutor he demonstrated an ability to inspire others to work with him to get things done.

His leadership was particularly apparent in his work to combat the opioid crisis. He was nationally recognized for his efforts to bring together disparate organizations to fight for pragmatic programs, and brought millions of federal dollars to the Northern Panhandle to support our local drug enforcement and prevention efforts.

In Charleston, Bill will work across the aisle with legislators, regardless of party, to find solutions that are in the best interest of our people.

And Bill knows what our people need, because he knows us. He is a son of the Ohio Valley, born to a family dedicated to public service; his dad was a prosecutor and his mother a public school teacher. He married his college sweetheart (also a public school educator) and they have three children educated in the Ohio County public schools. Bill works tirelessly in our community, serving on charitable organizations, active in his church, and otherwise engaging in community service.

Bill also knows that part of the problem in Charleston is corruption. Corporate money winning out over the needs of our citizens. As a prosecutor, Bill not only showed his ability to spot corruption, he showed his ability to fight it. He cleaned up a lot of it through federal prosecutions when he was United States Attorney. As our senator, he will confront it wherever it is, and fight to root it out. He will be a clarion voice for honest government every day he is in Charleston.

One last point: Bill Ihlenfeld is a good and decent person. He will always be guided by a fundamental sense of fairness, and a determination to do the right thing.

Let’s elect Bill Ihlenfeld to be our senator. Ralph Baxter



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