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City Levy Opposed

Editor, News-Register:

I’ve noticed a public relations campaign encouraging the voters of the City of Wheeling to vote “For” the multi-million dollar levy to construct a new public safety building. A couple of questions: Who is funding this initiative? The cost to the property owner for the recently approved school levy, and that of the proposed PSB levy, will be significant to the average home owner.

Many residents of the city are retired and on fixed incomes. The story line is the cost will be minimal; however, minimal to some of us means struggling to pay the bills. Note — after tearing down all of the homes in East Wheeling for the new sports complex, a number of those properties are no longer being taxed, since the city now owns them. Increasing the cost on those of us remaining.

Now it’s a new public safety building, with plans and discussions for constructing a new parking garage to provide parking for the new owner of the old Wheeling-Pitt building, so they can develop it for apartments.

Has the City Council failed to recognize the serious infrastructure problems that are not being addressed? Storm sewers backing up in the Valley View area, inadequate sized storm sewers in the Elm Terrace area, flooding in the Edgewood area, and deteriorating roads, curbs, and sidewalks, to mention a few.

Utility bills (water, sewage, electric, gas) continue to rise with no end in sight. Food, insurance, etc. also continue to climb.

The people on fixed incomes have to make some serious choices in an attempt to manage their meager income. I urge all city of Wheeling residents to vote “NO” on the PSB levy — enough is enough.

Hope springs eternal!

J. Jacobs



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