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Levy Questions Posed

Editor, News-Register:

Questions on who pays for the levy in Wheeling.

Will the OVGH, Wheeling Hospital, Peterson Hospital, the Health Plan, Wheeling Jesuit University, WV Northern Community College, all of the churches in the city, all private and public schools in the city, all hotels, the high-rise apartment buildings, the owners of the Boury Lofts, the Stone Center, the old Wheeling-Pittsburgh Steel building, the owners of the housing developments in Elm Grove and South Wheeling and all such commercial properties pay the same percentage of taxes that single family home owners will be paying on real and personal property on the levy for the proposed Wheeling Public Safety Building?

What about all of the homes owned by Wheeling Hospital and the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston? What about Wesbanco Arena and the Capital Music Hall? The fire department and police department can and do respond to all of these.

What about all of the people living in Wheeling with out-of-state plates on their vehicles? How will they pay their fair share? They have the same services provided. They benefit from the same services.

Also, why was the building first announced as costing $15 million then went to $20 million? That is a huge jump in cost. Why all of the glass when brick and mortar is $10 a square foot less in cost?

C. R. White



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