Please Stop Spending

Editor, News-Register:

So, Wheeling is going to spend millions on some downtown streets. They call this streetscape. This is all well and good, but don’t use all the money in one area. I’m sure other areas could use some attention as well.

When is our mayor and his spokesperson, Chad — and council (one rarely hears from councilpeople) going to start saving money rather than fostering their favorite things? They have doubled Wheeling’s council and mayoral pay positions, they have increased our water and sewage rates, they threaten a use tax for certain Wheeling workers, they tried to force a new safety building into being that would have cost millions to Wheeling citizens.

Perhaps it’s time to consider not more space for those involved but using the space given more functionally and/or finding a reasonable cost-effective alternative.

What’s really scary, that new safety building was advertised as making Wheeling safer. Now I guess, that means that Wheeling was not really very safe before? Sure sounds like that’s what they were telling us! Now that the building is not, keep your doors locked and lights on. Can we depend on our safety forces now??

On saving money, does anyone really think that those street sweepers are worth their acquisition costs, maintenance and fuel costs? Let alone man hours driving them? I have seen more dust stirred up instead of being cleaned up. What other comparable cities have such contraptions? You have leaves to be picked up; call the city and a functional truck will take care of that.

Seriously, some of our streets and local state routes are lousy. We have so many built-in local street and state-route speed bumps that one’s car will suffer damage. Have you gone over the Schilling bridge in Elm Grove recently? That’s a ride. You can suffer motion sickness on Lincoln Drive (at Highland Lane) and Springdale Avenue as well.

Robert Hamilton



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