Making Nation Greater

Making Nation Greater

Editor, News-Register:

“When the debate is lost, slander becomes the tool of the losers.” — Socrates, the Greek scholar.

Many people have benefited from the Trump tax cuts, the increase in the values of their portfolios, nationwide job increases and the purchasing power of our citizens since Donald Trump became our president. If you recall, when Mr. Obama was president, each taxpayer received a mere $40 to help stimulate the economy.

To read several of the letters to the editor in the Sunday News-Register, one would have difficulty with the vitriol that these writers have been spewing. It has become a battle to demean our commander in chief with hateful rhetoric and yet benefit from his policies and positive leadership, which has made our country greater.

These individuals, who are “left leaning,” are attempting to influence their readership away from the great American values of our founding fathers and the leadership of our president.

William and Susan Patsche

St. Clairsville


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