Charter Schools Backed

Editor, News-Register:

Superman had his kryptonite. The Wicked Witch of the West had water, and Indiana Jones had snakes. Now apparently the teacher unions have charter schools as the thing which will destroy public education as we know it. It’s more like Chicken Little and the falling sky. By way of example, Alabama passed a similar public charter school bill in 2015, and four years later a grand total of two charter schools exist in Alabama.

Ask yourself why are the teachers unions so worried that families would immediately choose a public charter school over a traditional public school. What is the fear? If you are offering the best choice, why would anyone leave? If your product is superior, why would a public charter be needed in any community? Stop telling us you oppose the comprehensive education reform bill because of the children (insert giant eye roll here); no one believes that like no one believes Mitch Carmichael did not insert some revenge- seeking provisions in the bill. Just stop it — you fear loss of power and control.

Ever sit in on a meeting of 20 or so parents telling public school administrators why their child’s middle school is failing them? I have. That’s when something finally happened. Just the fear of charter schools has already caused the state’s educrats to up their game. The fear of losing government money may be the most powerful thing in public education.

I ask you, State Board of Education, why now the Blue Ribbon Panel on how to make West Virginia public schools a world-class environment? Why not last year or any of the last 20 years as our state public education system slipped to last or near last in every indicator of academic achievement. Educrats have become like petulant children. They only behave or act in the best interests of parents and students when they are actually being watched.

I hope public charter schools in West Virginia become a reality if for no other reason than the mere possibility of their existence scares the bejeezus out of the State Board, educrats and teacher unions. That’s a good thing for our kids as those in charge of our schools are finally paying attention to the complaints of us know-nothing parents.

David Delk



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