Defeat Education Bill

Editor, News-Register:

I’m writing this letter to the editor to make sure your readers are aware of some key points in the Omnibus Bill — WV Senate Bill 451. This bill affects taxpayers, service personnel, teachers, students, and parents.

It affects taxpayers by putting more burden on taxpayers to fund schools with unauthorized levies and unaccountable spending of tax money at private schools.

It affects service personnel because if enrollments go down at public schools, BOEs will cut positions at schools. At charter schools, often jobs are contracted out to private companies that don’t offer the same retirement, health care, and wages.

Furthermore, it affects teachers because public schools will be cash strapped so teachers will have to finance even more. Seniority is removed in hiring and reduction in force decisions in this bill.

Most importantly, it affects students. At charter schools, students are not taught by certified teachers. Cyber-charters do not provide a decent education or human interaction. Nothing in WV Senate Bill 451 addresses improving student achievement.

Also, it affects parents because this bill decreases funding to your child’s school. Cash strapped schools will struggle to maintain a healthy and safe environment where your child can learn.

The entire 144 page bill can be read at:

I know Governor Justice says he’s going to veto the bill. However, his veto can be overridden. If he vetoes it during a regular session, it will be sent back to the same people who passed it for another vote. Please see this link for more information about that:

I urge you to contact West Virginia senators and West Virginia delegates to ask them to vote no on this bill. Below are links for both houses.

Lastly, there is a petition at:

Please take a couple of minutes and sign and share the petition.

Thank you all in advance for your time and attention to this matter!

Erin Bowers



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