Vote for Brooke Levy

Dear Editor:

This is an open letter to my fellow Brooke County Citizens: This Saturday is going to be an exciting day as we vote for our annual excess levy, which lasts for 5 years. The passage of this levy is crucial to our school system as it is the backbone of its operation.

Yes, there are many important issues in this levy that are essential for the better education of our students and betterment of our schools.

Recently I spoke with some former students about the times they were in school and what a great time and experience it was. The stories were wonderful as we reminisced about some of the things they did and the real enjoyment of being a student.

Remember, “last one out of town turn out the lights!” They are proud products of our Brooke County schools with great memories who love our schools.

We as citizens have to support the levy to guarantee quality education and programs will remain in our schools for this generation of students.

Our YES vote illustrates to our youth that we are with them and support them and gives them the confidence that we want only the best for them.

It’s no secret that we have experienced some hard times. But that is in the past and the future for our school looks very positive and bright.

Administrative changes have been made. We are blessed and fortunate to have a new leader who has a focus on making exciting changes and additions that will allow us to move forward in our quest to have an outstanding school system.

Brooke County is a proud community that has always placed our children as the top priority. We have never allowed this levy to fail. That’s awesome! That’s pride!

Please join with me and support this levy because it’s the right thing to do, and it’s for the kids.

Paul “Bud” Billiard

Proud retired educator-coach

Brooke County Schools


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