Finding Blame on Roads

ditor, News-Register:

In reply to an editorial on repairing roads:

Correct: Marshall County residents are not unreasonable. It will take time to make the necessary repairs. However, somebody — let’s blame the governor — is not holding those responsible accountable.

Number one is the pipeline and fracking industries. They will break a newly paved road down faster than you can say “Marcellus Shale.” They should be required to preform continual maintenance on all the roads they use — or pay for it.

Number two is the coal industry. Longwall mining is responsible for many many of the slips in Marshall County — exactly like the slip that is causing so much trouble on Interstate 70 near Claysville, Pennsylvania. It would be very easy to determine which slips were naturally occurring and which were the result of longwall mining and make the coal industry pay for those repairs.

And number three is the contracted outfits that do the paving and repair of our roads. They put down an inferior product and charge the taxpayer top-dollar for the swindle. How much does it cost to pave a mile of road? $5,000? $50,000? $5,000,000? Whatever the cost, there should be a 10- year warranty that goes along with it at no additional money. Our roads were kept in much better shape when the State Road did all the work. We may have teased them for leaning on a shovel, but when they did a job it lasted far longer than the roads surfaces put down by our current paving companies. And I’m old enough to know that to be true.

Of course, none of those entities will ever be held accountable, because they have too much money — and they want to keep it.

Mike Alvarez

Glen Easton


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