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A brief introduction to a beneficial civics lesson:

There were 39 amendments to the Constitution proposed during the ratification process in 1787. Twelve were approved by Congress and sent to the states for ratification. Ten of these were ratified in 1789 and have become known as our Bill of Rights.

Our TRUE Bill of Rght is the 12 proposed amendments, (two not ratified). One of those two (the original second) was passed in 1992 as the 27th Amendment, 202 years after being sent to the states for ratification! This was done by a college student, no less!

There is only one amendment left for ratification. It requires small congressional districts and was the original First Amendment of the Founders. Since Congress already passed this amendment, Washington D.C. can’t stop us. It can be ratified as the 28th ​Amendment and no constitutional convention is needed!

What will that accomplish? It will break up Congress into small districts, bringing in nearly 6,000 new representatives, giving us a louder voice while opening the opportunity to average citizen to run and hold office, not just those with big bank accounts. This will force congress to work at home in their own districts within easy reach of every citizen where our voice can be heard. And most significantly away from the lobbyist with deep pockets that corrupt our law making process in DC.

Our state legislatures have a DUTY to ratify our full Bill of Rights. Eleven states have already ratified this amendment and 27 more states are needed to reach the three-quarter states requirement. Our job as TACTICAL CIVICS member/citizens is to open a TACTICAL CIVICS chapters in three-fourths of our state’s counties, and then confront our legislators and DEMAND them to submit for ratification of the amendment.

Log on to TACTICAL CIVICS on FB or on the Web and learn what else is in store as part of the plan to regain control of Congress.Get started doing something about corruption in government!

Sam Elson

Glen Dale


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