Thank You, Jesuits

Editor, News-Register:

It was with a heavy heart that I learned of the end of the Jesuit affiliation with Wheeling Jesuit University. As the institution opens another chapter, I want to take a moment and say, “thank you” to the Society of Jesus.

Thank you for putting up with us when we were young enough to believe we already knew everything, and standing by us as we grew to realize we did not. Thank you for expanding our world view, teaching us to think critically, and inspiring us to live a life dedicated to helping others. Thank you for marrying us, baptizing our children, burying our dead. “Love ought to show itself in deeds, not words ….” Thank you for setting that example, and changing our lives.

The Jesuits have had a profound, life lasting, impact on all those who spent time on 316 Washington Avenue. Thank you.

Mimie O’Hara Helm ’84

Ellicott City, Maryland


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