Defending Kate Smith

Editor, News-Register:

Another proof the apocalypse is upon us. How does the removal of Kate Smith from New York Yankee and Philadelphia Flyers history help anything? Where are the protesters for “fat shaming” the obese, patriotic songstress by removing her statue in Philadelphia? Is the world going crazy? Who has the time to research such things?

Finally, how did they miss the most obvious injustice? Baseball itself.

When Kate Smith sang the “offensive” (?) songs written, by the way, by someone else, the American and National League didn’t permit African-Americans (to be historically correct, Negroes back then) to play. Should we get rid of the two leagues and start over? Or at least the “offensive” names of “American” and “National?” “American” has to be offensive to all of those who aren’t Americans who play in the league. They have to feel threatened. “National?” Obviously this has to imply nationalism, which is even more insulting to some of a particular political persuasion.

As a sacrificial lamb, the New York Yankees should at least be removed from the American League. They were one of the last teams, along with Boston, to segregate. It took losing the 1964 World Series to St. Louis and seeing Lou Brock and Curt Flood zooming around the bases and Bob Gibson dominating on the mound for the storied franchise to even start to figure this out. The American League as a whole was behind in integrating

I’m sure with some research, whoever went to the trouble of zeroing in on the beloved Kate Smith can find some real racism during the time of integration of baseball and since. When is the Baseball Hall of Fame going to start removing the busts of managers, general managers, league presidents, etc. of pre-Jackie Robinson days?

As for the Flyers, really, Philadelphia? Historically, one of the most racist cities in sports and otherwise has to single out the late Kate Smith. Since the statue was erected in her honor due to the Flyers incredible winning percentage when she sang “God Bless America” at games, why not show real contrition and erase those wins and give back the trophies you won, also? Then, you will really be erasing history, which is the GOAL of those who want to remove our history to begin with.

Jay Knapp


By the way, President Trump hopes they find something racist, sexist or homophobic about the USFL so it’s brief history can be erased also.


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