Help Save WJU

Editor, News-Register:

Stopped at the cemetery today to tell my Dad, Tom Carrigan “We’re trying, Dad, we’re trying.”

In 1954 there were 90 new freshmen and their courageous parents willing to take a leap of faith on young Jesuit priests and a brand new, muddy Wheeling College. My Dad was one of those students. Those co-founders knew that they were creating excitement and growth and in the truest Jesuit tradition; service to others that would last forever. In the 65 years since, it has become a second home to many, one where you’re always welcomed back.

Life long, irreplaceable friendships have been made, critical thinking skills and intellectual growth have been instilled, commitment to becoming a person for others expected. The now-university finds itself at a crossroads with very difficult decisions to make. There is a tremendous push on at WJU, both by the school itself and its’ alumni, to save it quickly.

While I’ll never know what got us to this point, I do know that faculty, staff, Jesuits, and particularly the students deserve the chance to continue those traditions and to learn to live in service to others. I also believe that WJU is an asset to the city of Wheeling and its demise would be detrimental to Wheeling businesses, Wheeling culture, and Wheeling growth and development. Those interested in saving it should take the same courageous leap of faith and invest in its future. Call their Advancement Office.

Kate Carrigan Hill

Class of 1984



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