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Editor, News-Register:

As Jefferson County Clerk of Courts, I am pleased to announce I have secured a grant to modernize the Jefferson County Common Pleas Court General Division’s case management system.

With the assistance of Judge Michelle G. Miller and Judge Joseph J. Bruzzese Jr., I applied for a technology grant from The Supreme Court of Ohio for 2019 last year and recently found out the office was awarded $132,803.50.

This money will be used to update the Courts Case Management System. Due to the age of the current operating system, I was unable to provide any updated equipment to employees, which made it very difficult to replace any broken or obsolete equipment. This new system will allow for the employees to have the latest equipment and increase the speed and efficiency at which the office functions. This will also allow for the Clerk of Courts office to provide scanned images of court case pleadings (ones allowable by law) to be online and readily available to the public and law enforcement agencies and drastically cut down the amount of paper that needs to be stored, which has also become increasingly difficult as the courthouse space is very limited.

Work on implementing the new system will start immediately upon receipt of the check from the Supreme Court. We are expecting the transition to be completed by the end of the year.

Thank you to the Supreme Court Justices and decision makers who found Jefferson County worthy of this grant and the Common Pleas Court Judges Michelle Miller and Joseph J. Bruzzese Jr. for all their support.

John A. Corrigan Jr.

Jefferson County Clerk of Courts



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