Is This Pro-Life?

Editor, News-Register::

I am concerned that Ohio is one of a growing number of states that have passed very restrictive anti-abortion legislation. The “Pro Life” movement is concerned with protecting the life of the unborn child at all costs. However, often there is more than one life at risk to be concerned with. Sometimes family situations cannot provide the necessary conditions to care for a child, or another child. Then the baby is saved only to be victimized by the circumstances he or she is born into.

I am especially concerned about not allowing abortions for women who are victims of rape or child victims of incest and sexual abuse.

The trauma a rape victim suffers from, can leave serious emotional scars for life. How humane is it to further victimize this woman by having to go through nine months of pregnancy and give birth to the baby who is a product of the rape. There is more than one life to consider.

When I was Director of Girls Clubs of Jacksonville, Florida, we had a 13-year-old girl who was pregnant as result of her mother’s boyfriend. He threatened her not to tell and she was terrified. When her mother found out, she turned him over to the authorities and was able to get an abortion for her little girl. She was then able to get on with the rest of her childhood. How wrong it would be for that young girl to have to go through nine months of pregnancy in her young body and lose part of her childhood. There sometimes is more than one life at stake.

I am also concerned over the term “Pro Life.” Are we pro-life when we support young men and women going off to war? The purpose of war is primarily to kill or maim other persons who are considered the enemy. How supportive are we of those families suffering from the casualties of war?

Are we pro-life when we support capital punishment, which takes the life of persons a court has found guilty of certain crimes.

Are we pro-life when we are against banning assault rifles and weapons designed for killing human beings?

Think about it. There is much more to pro-life than protecting unborn babies at all costs.

Marie Bundy



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